Uninsured Services & Block Fees

Ontario’s health insurance plan (OHIP) pays for most medical services, however many administrative services and some medical procedures are not.  It is Treasury Medical Centre’s Policy that uninsured services rendered are billable directly to the patient and payment is due on receipt of service. These rates are set in accordance with guidelines set by the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO).

The clinic offers an annual block fee which patients may pay to cover these uninsured services for the year, active from date paid. Our block fee rates are as follows:

$200 per individual patient

$300 per family

If you would like to register for the block fee, please contact the clinic. The block fee will cover various services, as outlined below:

Common Uninsured ServicesCost Covered by block fee?
Email advice30YES
Rx renewal (without an appointment)20YES
Immunization & TB testing form20+YES
Liquid nitrogen treatment (feet & genital removal OHIP covered)20YES
Ear syringing20YES
Missed or late cancelled/rescheduled appointment30-50, depending on appointment typeNO
Sick/back-to-work note20YES
Transfer of Medical Records
– Electronic transfer
– Paper copy
– Physician review of records (where applicable)

– 30
– 30/first 20 pages, 0.25/page thereafter
– $45/first 15 minutes, 15/15 minutes thereafter
Driver’s Medical Exam + Form100YES
Form Completions20-100+*YES

*Please see the detailed Form Price Guide for prices

Form NamePriceAppointment Needed?
School or camp forms30YES
Day care note30YES
Fitness club form65YES
Certification of fitness form65YES
Travel cancellation form45YES
CPP disability medical report85YES
Federal disability tax form150YES
Driver’s medical exam + form100YES
Immunization & tb testing form20+YES
CAS children’s aid application for prospective foster parent60YES
Life insurance death certificate50NO
Maternity certificate/form30YES
Employment insurance/sickness benefits (for insurance coverage at patient’s request)35YES
Hospital/nursing home employee physical40YES
Certificate of freedom from communicable disease20YES
Attending physician’s statementPhysician’s hourly rateYES
Insurance certificate OCF-3 disability certificate160YES
Insurance certificate OCF-18 treatment plan160YES
Insurance certificate OCF-19 determination of catastrophic impairment130YES
Insurance certificate ocf-23 treatment confirmation160YES
ODSP formCovered by OHIPYES
Accessible parking permitCovered by OHIPYES
Hearing aid formCovered by OHIPYES
All other forms not listedIndividual pricingYES

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