Medication Review

Treasury Pharmacy takes great pride in the fact that pharmacists are accessible, knowledgeable, and here to help. There are many ways that medications can be administered incorrectly. They can interact with each other, our diet, and their effect can vary depending on when they are taken throughout the day.

Take the time to meet with your pharmacist whether you take one medication or more. It is also common for medication therapies to be alerted. When it comes to chronic conditions dosages may need to be changed or new medications can replace those that are ineffective/intolerable.

In collaboration with the primary care physician your pharmacist at Treasury will be aware of any adjustments that are made to a drug regimen. Every adjustment will warrant an adequate discussion regarding why and how to manage them with our patients. Acute or emergency care also requires a knowledge of a patient’s general health and daily medications.

Whether a short term course of antibiotics or a prescription for pain is required our pharmacy team will be diligent in ensuring it will be suitable. Our facilities will offer a private consultation separate from the dispensing area where your pharmacist can devote their full attention.

It is our mission to ensure that each patient is optimising the use of their medication regimen in conjunction with their supplements and lifestyle.

Compounding creates personalized medications for patients with specific needs, tailored for safety and effectiveness.

Pharmacist consultations for medication reviews improve treatment adherence and health outcomes, and identify issues.

Compliance packaging improves medication adherence, reduces errors, and promotes better health outcomes.

Rx refills improve adherence to treatment and reduce complications by avoiding medication shortages.