Commercially available medications can come with limitations. Oftentimes the dosage is not exact to deliver the desired effect or the patient is unable to tolerate the dosage forms that are available. Treasury Pharmacy is pleased to offer non sterile compounding to further service its patients. Our well trained staff will use the most up to date techniques to deliver the highest quality active ingredients.

In collaboration with other health care providers compounding is an excellent approach to treat conditions such as pain, infection, and skin disorders. Pain medications can be hard on the liver and cause unwanted side effects. Compounded topical creams are designed to penetrate the skin and deliver the right amount of medication directly to where it is needed. Different agents can also be combined to provide a soothing, anti-inflammatory, or nerve blocking response.

Compounding provides the pharmacist with the ability to formulate most antibiotics that are available in tablet or capsule form into an oral suspension. This not only assists with increasing the ability to tolerate your medicine as flavouring can be added but can also allow for the most effective dose to be delivered. In most cases the antibiotic dose we are prescribed depends on our weight and the condition that requires treatment.

Skin represents the body’s largest organ. It is constantly exposed to and protects us from many irritants that are present in the environment. Some regularly available creams that can be prescribed can be ineffective. They may also contain additives that can irritate the skin. Compounding a unique formulation for your skin will again limit exposure to unwanted ingredients while treating conditions with the right concentration of the desired pharmaceutical agents. Contact our knowledgeable pharmacy team to discuss your health and how compounding may improve it.     

Compounding creates personalized medications for patients with specific needs, tailored for safety and effectiveness.

Pharmacist consultations for medication reviews improve treatment adherence and health outcomes, and identify issues.

Compliance packaging improves medication adherence, reduces errors, and promotes better health outcomes.

Rx refills improve adherence to treatment and reduce complications by avoiding medication shortages.