Compliance Packaging

Modern medicine is constantly evolving. There are various treatment options for common chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, and mental health. Knowing when to take what can be overwhelming. Allow us to take the time and organise your medication. Compliance packaging provides the patient with a lower quantity of medication to manage. Instead of dispensing a 3 month supply and providing instructions as when a certain drug is to be taken throughout the day, the pharmacist will arrange the medication in a manner that ensures that it is taken
as prescribed.

Patients can obtain packages in which the proper medication is placed in either morning, lunch, dinner or evening slots. Oftentimes a chronic condition may require a dose adjustment to an existing drug or as research develops a new drug is prescribed all together. Staying on top of those changes is difficult especially when they can occur on a monthly or even weekly basis at times.

Compliance packaging also helps ensure acute or short term treatment is delivered appropriately. If a course of antibiotics is needed, compliance packaging will enable patients to give themselves the best opportunity to get rid of the infection. Compliance packaging is a great option to consider for a variety of population groups. It is an excellent choice for those who are living alone and have difficulty keeping track of their drug regimen. It should be considered by those who live busy lifestyles or individuals who travel quite a bit as they may put themselves in a position that causes adherence to slip.

Caregivers also prefer this method of medication delivery since they are able to provide better care for their friends and loved ones knowing that they are taking their medication according to the physician’s instructions. In short this offering allows us to offer patients a path that will lead to increased compliance and more importantly improve overall health.

Compounding creates personalized medications for patients with specific needs, tailored for safety and effectiveness.

Pharmacist consultations for medication reviews improve treatment adherence and health outcomes, and identify issues.

Compliance packaging improves medication adherence, reduces errors, and promotes better health outcomes.

Rx refills improve adherence to treatment and reduce complications by avoiding medication shortages.